Purchasing the 12v refrigerator is a decision you ought to take for the camper van. A portable refrigerator may consume a bit more space than the usual items but can be of great support in times of need. In addition, the severe challenges posed by mobile life are likely to keep the Dometic fridge well-insulated and constructed. 

How Much Does the Dometic cfx75dzw 12v Portable Refrigerator Cost?

You may end up spending any amount from $100 to $300 while buying a thermoelectric cooler of 12-v worth of high quality. The better the compressor you procure, you will get more chances of obtaining a 12-v option by spending between mid-hundreds and thousands of dollars.

Who Would Buy It?

The smaller refrigerators are a must when you are up for camping. They would fit in nicely with your camp van. Small families or singles must consider a domestic portable freezer.

The busy schedule of single professionals, especially those that reside outstation, would compel them to buy a mini-fridge with a freezer. It is of great use during the hot and humid summer months. They may choose to visit the greengrocer once a week and store the veggies and drinks to save much of the hassles.

Dometic portable refrigerator (Product Review) 

The best Dometic cfx75dzw 12v Portable Refrigerator – Factors Contributing to Its Popularity

The Dometic CFX3 accommodates drinks and food worth an incredible amount. The design of its inner compartment is of great help. The capacity and efficiency get enhanced.

The CFX3 eradicates the dairy compartment, which implies extra space for all your #1 food varieties. Pick how you put together room with a removable wire divider and appreciate an all the more even conveyance of cool air with the all-inclusive evaporator, presently on all internal divisions of your unit.

We’ve accumulated a rundown of the best 12v versatile coolers for a van to assist you with choosing what to purchase for your necessities. Every cooler on this rundown is a 12v DC energy-effective ice chest that works consistently outdoors with a sun-powered board arrangement. 

We like most about Dometic because they have an enormous line of models to look over that come in each size to accommodate your particular camper. 

For an analyst, you can combine it with the Dometic application to kill the blower for a solitary compartment, get cautions when the cover is left open, pick battery assurance settings, and change temperatures directly from your telephone. These settings make the ice chest exceptionally energy proficient, ideal for somebody living off the sun-based force. 

Versatile Refrigerator Dimensions 

How huge of a versatile cooler you should purchase will be novel to the form of a van. Somebody who possesses a runner van will want to pull off a giant cooler than somebody outdoors in a VW transport. Continuously remember the more significant, the cooler, the more force it will utilize. 

Notwithstanding the external measurements, fridge highlights can have an effect when arranging your construct: 

• Power line area: Some more relaxed force ropes stick out very far and hinder things you intend to work around an ice chest. 

• Width of the Handle: Most compact fridges don’t consider the size of the handles that stick out. Most handles are removable, yet a few brands like the ARB have them inherent. 

• Ventilation: If a cooler is kept in an enclosure, the warmth from the blower will make the refrigerator work more earnestly to stay calm. Most fabricates suggest in event 1-2 crawls of ventilation around the blower.


  • Minimal consumption of power
  • Compressor enables placing the temperature at your desired location
  • Functions when you keep it inclined or leveled
  • It may be utilized in the form of a small refrigerator with a freezer
  • Works in the best interest of the three easily distinguishable types



Benefits of Dometic Portable Refrigerator 

The versatile blower fridge is the lone genuine cooler of this pack. You can set the temperature on these so they can go about as an ice chest OR a cooler. After utilizing it a couple of times, you can sort out some way to maintain the temperature you want for your food without much of a stretch.

By utilizing a parcel appropriately in a double zone 12-volt cooler, you can set it to freezing; however, have the segment blocked substantially to make the opposite side cool enough to hold food sources back from ruin.

The mini fridge with a freezer is typically ready to be set to a particular temperature and is not influenced by the external temperature. Nonetheless, if the external temperature changes, the temps inside your cooler can leave an impact, of course. The present blower units are very energy-productive. They may devour less than 1 amp/hr. Like a home cooler, these blower units don’t run all the time.

They cycle on and off to control the temperature inside. The more sizzling it is outside, the more they should run. Consequently, on the off chance that you are utilizing it in warm regions, it very well may be a smart thought to get its devoted battery to control it.

This will try not to deplete your vehicle’s battery. However, if you will utilize it a great deal, a different, committed battery for your fridge is right around a prerequisite.

Please realize that the vast majority of the present units accompany a sensor that will prevent utilizing power from a battery once it is arriving at a specific low voltage level, so you’re not left abandoned.

User Reviews:

Armloose 123

5.0 out of 5 stars Great fridge worth 12 volts

Verified Purchase

We’re fond of the 1000 fridge that enables us to use both of its sides. It works besides being good-looking.

B Schneider

5.0 out of 5 stars Advanced

Verified Purchase

Compared to the latest models, it is quite light in weight and works more smoothly.

Tycel Lopez

5.0 out of 5 stars Great Product

Verified Purchase

It is an everyday need that is well-built and simplified. We do not have much to complain about as it’s equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.


1. Electric coolers – Compressor or Thermoelectric?

The engine type and format of the blower can affect how frequently and how long a fridge must be on. The two most known engine types are the Danfoss blower and the Dometic CFX3 75DZ. The Dometic models have their blower.

2. What To Look For Before Purchasing a 12v Fridge

Buying a 12v convenient cooler with a decent blower will get you going on the correct way. A Sawafuji swing blower (Engel brand) is the most productive on starting up. Danfoss and Dometic CFX3 75DZ are other best-in-class blowers. These are found in the majority of the famous brands of 12-volt coolers.


Your habits and needs are going to decide what is likely to work in your favor and what is not. You must know the difference between possessing the absorption unit and the compressor unit.

Your daily lifestyle gets enriched when you procure a portable refrigerator or cooler. You may choose to go through a few of the latest reviews on the 12-v refrigerator to pick the best one for your family.

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