A significant digital scale would determine the ingredient composition of a particular pizza slice and enable the user to choose one or more toppings for a specific portion. The purpose of these scales is not just to ensure you get precisely what you want from your food but also to help track your food intake and create a record of your success.

Precise measurements are crucial to creating the perfect pizza crust when making pizza dough. A kitchen scale is essential to ensure the exact height of every ingredient at every turn. We’ve evaluated a variety of kitchen digital scales and picked the most reliable ones to include in our selection. If you’re searching for a kitchen scale that can aid you in creating your perfect pizza dough, you should consider one of these most popular scales.


  • From dual platforms to pull-out displays, The kitchen scales in this list feature distinctive features that increase their efficiency and let them be distinguished.
  • To make it onto our top list of scales for pizza dough, the scale must have the ability to tare, which allows one to subtract the mass of the container that you’re using to obtain the most precise reading of the ingredients you’re using. This is an important aspect of pizza dough.
  • Most kitchen scales we tested have a weight limit of 11 lbs (5 kg). However, Ooni Dual Platform Digital Scales, the Nice well Digital Kitchen Scale, and the My Weigh KD-8000 can accommodate larger measurements.

1. Weigh KD8000 Kitchen Digital Scale is ideal for dough

The Best Digital Scale for Pizza Dough

This Kitchen Digital Scale is an updated and upgraded version of the best-selling KD-7000. The KD-8000 comes with baker’s math as well as a percentage function. This feature lets bakers utilize the most popular method of measuring ingredients. For example, the components can be calculated according to the primary ingredient, typically flour. It also does away with the math involved in weighing cups, teaspoons, etc.

The My Weigh KD8000 Kitchen Scale can weigh up to 8000 grams (17 pounds or 8 kilograms). It has removable LCD covers to shield the buttons and a movable stainless steel platform. Other options include an auto-off program that can be programmed and the ability to adjust the backlight.


  • Baker’s Math/Percentage option The Baker’s Math/Percentage Weighing feature on the KD8000 lets baking professionals measure their products according to the amount of flour. This eliminates measuring in cups or teaspoons and only works using per cent.
  • Covers for LCDs that protect buttons The KD-8000 comes with three LCD cases (one soft-cover and three disposable) that shield the buttons. When working with different ingredients, such as dough, the covers are ideal for keeping the LCD screen clear.


  • more powerful than other models-at at 2.5 pounds. The MyWeigh KD-8000 is the heaviest kitchen scale we tested.

2. Ooni Dual Platform Digital Scales are the best overall.

The Best Digital Scale for Pizza Dough

The Ooni Dual Platform Digital Scales are a device that you can set on the counter in full view. With stainless-steel-brushed platforms and a base of black matte, it’s a device that you can rely on to provide precise measurements. In addition, the Ooni Dual Platform Digital Scales can handle a weight limit of 22 pounds, making it perfect for making large quantities of dough. With pinpoint precision, you can ensure that your dough is always excellent.


  • Dual platforms, dual platforms. Dual outlets: the Ooni digital scale is the kitchen’s only scale in our list that has two platforms to measure ingredients. Each platform can be operated in tandem, and the smaller one is ideal for measuring yeast or herbs.


  • Batteries are not included. Ooni Dual Platform Digital Scales require three AAA batteries. They aren’t included in the purchase.
  • The availability of this Ooni Kitchen Scale is out of stock through the Ooni website. Due to the brand’s popularity, Ooni products are frequently sold out and are not available, so you might find it difficult to get the scale you want.

3. Escali Primo Digital Kitchen Scale is the best alternative.

The New York Times referred to the Escali Primo Digital Scale as “one of the best small investments you can make in the kitchen.” We believe in it, which is why it has earned the reputation as one of the best scales to use for pizza dough. It can be used to weigh the ingredients of any recipe, but we particularly like the simple appearance of the scale when making the perfect pizza dough.

It takes just a second for the Escali Primo digital kitchen scale to record weights and measurements that are precise to the milligram. It doesn’t stop working after the scale has been inactive for more than four minutes. The scale comes in 7 colours: black chrome, royal blue, pumpkin orange, soft white, tarragon-green, and warm red.


  • The Display stays on for 4 minutes before shutting down automatically. So this Escali Primo digital kitchen scale must be off for more than 4 minutes before it shuts off, preventing you from having to lose an important measurement before you’re prepared.


  • If you exceed your weight limits, it can cause the scale to go out of calibration no matter how far off. Even if it’s unlikely you’ll overload it with more than 11 pounds (5 kg) if you do The Escali Primo Kitchen Scale by over 11 lbs (5 kg). The calibration may be off regardless of whether the weight is not in use. That means that you’ll need to take care not to pile up other kitchen equipment or dishes over the scale. The scale cannot be calibrated, and the warranty will expire if the weight limit is exceeded.

3. Basics Stainless Steel Digital Kitchen Scale with LCD Display is the best value.

More than 28,000 5-star reviews have been posted on Amazon. The Stainless-Steel digital kitchen scale is among the most popular kitchen scales. With one-touch controls and an LCD with a widescreen, this scale will get the job done without expensive features.

The Amazon Basics stainless-steel Digital Kitchen Scale uses advanced sensors to give a precise response in a flash. The large LCD screen can be read easily and displays the results in grams, ounces, kilograms, and pounds.


  • You don’t need to worry about harmful chemicals leaking into your food items when you use the Amazon Basics Stainless-Steel Digital Kitchen Scale: it’s BPA-free.


  • It’s not able to measure fluid ounces. The Stainless-Steel Digital Kitchen Scale from Amazon Basics is great for weighting dry ingredients, but it cannot measure fluid ounces.

4. Intelligent Design OXO 11-Pound Stainless Steel Food Scale with Pull-Out Display

The OXO 11-Pound Stainless Steel Food Scale with pull-out Display is a well-known kitchen scale with a top rating ideal for weighing and measuring pizza dough. With the pull-out Display, you can make use of huge mixing bowls that weigh ingredients without worrying about obstructions to the Display.

This OXO kitchen scale is made of smudge-and fingerprint-resistant stainless steel. It comes with all the features you’ll need from kitchen scales when you are measuring ingredients for pizza dough, such as the ability to remove the platform for easy cleaning and a convert button.


  • Display with pull-out Display that can be pulled out. In addition, the OXO 11-pound Stainless Steel Food Scale has an adjustable display that makes it simple to read measurements. Thanks to this function, you won’t struggle to keep shadows on the Display when you use large dishes or bowls to weigh your ingredients.


  • Battery life is not as long as it should be. This OXO Food Scale with Pull-Out Display requires four AAA batteries more than other scales, such as the My Weigh KD-8000, require. Many customers have been unhappy with its battery lifespan and say that they can expect to run through several AAA batteries when using this scale.

5. Digital Kitchen Scale by Greater Goods

With over 80,000 5-star reviews on Amazon, the Greater Goods Digital Kitchen Scale is the most well-liked scale we tested. It’s reasonably priced and features a simple, simple style.

In addition, because of its small size, it’s easy to keep in storage. However, it’s constructed of plastic, so it’s not as durable as the other scales we’ve examined, such as the Amazon Basics scale, but the colours are a pleasant addition.

The Digital Kitchen Scale from Greater Goods is available in six shades: ash grey, cherry red, black glass, cobalt blue, black, and stainless steel.


  • A simple design The basic and straightforward style of the Greater Goods Digital Kitchen Scale is ideal for novices and professionals. It’s also easy to store, and with six colour options, it’s easy to integrate into the kitchen decor.


  • Its construction isn’t expensive. So we were not too shocked to find that, at this price, it appears that this Greater Good Digital Kitchen Scale is less costly than the other scales in our selection. The construction of the plastic is durable for a time, but it’s not designed to last for frequent long-term use.

6. Digital Kitchen Scale Nice well

With the Nice well Digital Kitchen Scale, you can weigh up to 22 pounds of food items with the highest precision. The stainless-steel construction is simple to clean, and the touch-sensitive buttons are particularly helpful when working with dirty hands.

The modern and sleek style of the Nice well Digital Kitchen Scale is similar to high-end scales that cost nearly double the price. However, due to its unique design, you can be assured the scale is constructed out of stainless steel glass tempered with ABS plastic and will stand up well to daily usage.


  • The 22-pound weight limit The Nice well Digital Kitchen Scale has an upper weight limit of 22 pounds. This scale is similar to the Ooni Dual Platform Digital Scale, the only scale that we tested that can take on that weight.


  • The unstable base. The uneven ground isn’t the best choice when exact measurements are essential. Unfortunately, Newell’s Nice well Digital Kitchen Scale doesn’t have the strongest base, making it harder to use.


For pizza dough, the KD-8000 from My Weight is the best choice. It comes with a function to determine baker’s per cent, and it’s extremely precise. Make sure you utilize the pizza dough calculator for the most accurate results.

If you find the Ooni scale a great option, it’s the best choice. However, a less complicated option that is still a superb option can be an Escali Primo digital kitchen scale.

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