A good bench scraper can make cooking food and cleaning up simpler. However, the wrong choice could create more hassles to resolve. To make it easier for you to locate the perfect bench scraper for your needs, we’ve put together an eight-point list of top bench scrapers you could purchase in 2021. All of them are safe for use with dough.


  • A quality bench scraper can be used to do many things other than scrape dough off of your work surface.
  • However, none of the bench scrapers feature measurements to measure food, dough, and other ingredients while you cook.
  • Bench scrapers are often employed to chop food, but not all come with a sharp blade to do the job.
  • Its stainless steel blade thickness can differ between bench scrapers. Some are flexible and thin; others are more rigid and will not bend when you use them.

Here is the top best 8 Bench Scrapers to Use for Dough

1. Overall winner: Ooni Pizza Bench Scraper

From the world-famous pizza oven manufacturer Ooni comes this premium bench scraper that is easy to use. It is the Ooni Pizza Bench Scraper that features a tough stainless-steel blade and an easy-grip plastic handle.

Its Ooni Pizza Bench Scraper is the most expensive bench scraper that we examined but by just a few dollars. It costs $14.99 but boasts the impressive Ooni quality of construction we’ve witnessed in their ovens for pizza.


Quality It is of Pros quality. The Ooni outdoor pizza oven manufacturer is well-known for several things. But the high quality offered by their products is among the most remarkable. This Ooni Pizza Bench Scraper has the same high-quality construction found in many other Ooni products, so for the money you spend on this device, you’ll know the product will be durable for many years to come.


Price Its cost —The Ooni Pizza Bench Scraper is among the most expensive bench scrapers reviewed. Its price is $14.99. The price is 4-5 dollars more than the other scrapers on our bench that we looked at.

2. The Best Grip: OXO Stainless Steel Pros Grips Multi-Purpose Chopper and Scraper

With over 6,000 5-star reviews on Amazon and the recommendation of America’s Test Kitchen, the OXO Stainless Steel Pros Grip Multi-Purpose Scraper and Chopper is a reliable kitchen tool.

This OXO cutter and scraper feature the strongest, stainless-steel-based blade that effortlessly cuts, chops, and scrapes various ingredients and foods. In addition, the quarter-inch-etched marks on the edge could be used to make precise measurements, as the non-slip handle gives the user a secure grip.

The top bench scraper on the market is dishwasher safe, allowing for simple clean-up. It is also backed by an OXO Better Guarantee that states that the scraper can be repaired or replaced if there is a problem.


Measurement markings are etched with etching like that of the Zulay Kitchen bench scraper, the OXO Scraper, and the Chopper has engravings on the ends of the blade, which offer clear and straightforward measurements.


Blades may need sharpening to ensure efficient cutting. For example, the stainless steel blade of the OXO bench scraper isn’t dull at all. However, if you intend to use it frequently to chop food items, the sword must be sharpened before you start.

3. The Sharpest: Dexter-Russell Cutter/Scraper of White Dough

The White Dough Cutter/Scraper from Dexter-Russell is a distinctive bench scraper because it’s German stainless steel. It’s National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) certified.

The bench scraper is designed to be tough and hygienic. Its robust, stain-free stainless-steel blade is high-carbon and has sharp edges that are ground and polished. In addition, the non-slip, textured polypropylene handle can withstand extreme temperatures and has a secure seal to meet the highest sanitation standards.


The Dexter Russell Bench Scraper is certified by National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), indicating that it meets stringent commercial sanitation standards. Therefore, food safety does not have to be a problem when using this device.


There are no measurement marks. There are no measurement markings. The German stainless steel used in the design is stunning. However, the Dexter Russell Bench Scraper blade does not have measurements similar to those in other scrapers for bench use, identical to that of the OXO Best Grips Bench Scraper.

4. Most comfortable grip: Zulay Kitchen’s Non-Stick Multi-Purpose Chopper and Bench Scraper are stainless steel. Chopper

The multi-purpose stainless steel bench scraper and Chopper from Zulay Kitchen can be a multi-functional cooking tool used for anything, including scraping dough, cutting vegetables, moving ingredients, and much more.

The Zulay kitchen bench scraper, made of stainless steel, has easy-to-read etched markings to measure. In addition, it comes with an ergonomic handle that is non-slip for a safer grip.


Etched measurement marks: The Zulay Kitchen Bench Scraper features marked etchings to measure on the blade’s edge.


The size may be uncomfortable for certain people—the most frequently cited complaint about this Zulay Kitchen Chopper and bench scraper lies in its scope, making it awkward to hold.

5. The best for measuring: Anmarko Stainless Steel Metal Scraper Chopper for Griddle

Its Anmarko Stainless Steel Metal Griddle Scraper Chopper isn’t the only bench scraper with a marking scale visible on the blade. But, unlike the OXO Pros Grips Bench Scraper and Zulay Kitchen’s bench scraper, the Anmarko scraper comes with an in-inch marking scale along both sides of the blade. It also has an inch measuring scale on the opposite side and an etched measuring guide on the edge.

Anmarko’s Anmarko Stainless Steel Bench Scraper is ideal for cutting dough and sectioning it, vegetables, and moving ingredients. The stainless-steel blade and the non-slip rubber handles are dishwasher safe and robust enough to stand up to the demands of daily usage.


The Measurement Guide and Marking Scale This Anmarko bench scraper comes with marking scales located on the two sides and a measurement guide, which allows precise and accurate measurements.


The blade is easily bent. The stainless-steel blade in the Anmarko Scraper Chopper is sturdy; however, it’s small enough so that if you apply the right pressure, it can bend.

6. The best for pastries, The Spring Chef Pastry Scraper/Bench is made of stainless steel. Scraper’s Chopper

Its Stainless-Steel Bench Scraper from Spring Chef is a durable kitchen tool that can be utilized to complete a range of kitchen chores. The blade is constructed of durable stainless steel that can stand up to the demands of daily use. The handle is made of plastic, and the bowl scraper is available in various colors such as black, blue, gray, mint, and red.

The bench scraper comes with measurements marked on the base of the blade. It also has a long-lasting warranty.


A bowl scraper is included. The Spring Chef Stainless Steel Bench Scraper consists of a bowl scraper, making it easy to scrape every bit of dough out of the mixing bowl.


The plastic handle comes with the Spring Chef stainless-steel bench scraper and does not have the same quality as other comparable bench scrapers. As a result, it can break or wear down more quickly than the handles on other bench scrapers. This is the case with the rubber handles on the Anmarko bench scraper.

7. Norpro Stainless Steel Bench Scraper is hygienic and simple to clean

Contrary to the bench scrapers that we’ve discussed, the Norpro Bench Scraper is composed exclusively of stainless steel. The stainless-steel handle, which is rounded, is as stylish and tough as the blade while also providing security for the scraper.

The guide for measuring on the blade assists with precise measurements, meaning you don’t need to depend on a separate instrument to measure ingredients or slices of dough.


100% stainless steel. The Norpro Bench Scraper is entirely stainless steel, from the blade to the handle. This seamless design guarantees that the bench scraper will be robust enough to stand up to every day, even regular usage.


Measuring guides tend to fade. This Norpro bench scraper has numbers that allow you to count ingredients quickly. However, they are prone to fading or falling off after several uses.

8. Best Plastic: Chef’n Pastrio 3-in-1 Bench Scraper Set

It is among the more unusual items on our list because, instead of one bench scraper, this set comes with a stainless-steel bench scraper, an aluminum bench scraper, and a bowl scraper. The three tools are bundled together to create small storage space.

This set comes with stainless steel that is BPA-free and plastic, and the three tools can be washed to ensure easy cleaning.


Three different scrapers: The bench scrapers include a stainless steel bench scraper, a plastic bench scraper, and a bowl scraper. The three scrapers of various sizes cut and scrape dough onto different surfaces.


Scrapers aren’t always easy to separate. The three tools of this set of bench scrapers will be able to nest for storage, but many users have noticed that, particularly after a few uses, the scrapers become complicated to divide.


The bench scraper can be a unique and useful tool that can help with many kitchen tasks. It can be difficult to determine which one is most effective for you with the many options to choose from. It’s Pros to know that the eight benches mentioned have been carefully studied and tested to ensure they’re capable of the job.

Suppose you purchase the highly rated Ooni Pizza Dough Scraper or the Chef’n Pastry Scraper Set that includes plastic bench scrapers. In that case, you’ll know you’re investing in a kitchen gadget that can make your next cooking experience much more pleasant.

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